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How to become a Plus Size Model

How to become a Plus Size Model

February 25, 2018


The Plus Size Model industry is growing super fast!

Actually, it is one of the fastest growing markets at the moment. Do you want to become a Curvy Model? Super! Now it is the best time for you to get started.

How? Let’s have a look at some of the frequently asked questions:


What requirements do I have to comply?

To become a Plus Size Model, the requirements are a little different. It is not the most important that you have a certain height or measurements, but it is important that your body has a nice shape. The proportions are the most important to become a successful Curvy Model. The hip-to-waist ratio should look healthy and well-defined. You may have a look at this site in which you are able to calculate your ratio.

In general, curvy models have the best chances by being size 40 and upwards. There is no official minimum height, but the ideal height is in between 1.68-1.80 m.


Which jobs do I get as a Plus Size Model?

About everything available in the markets.

You may work as a…

  • Runway Model / On the Catwalks
  • Catalogue Model
  • Commercial Model
  • Editorial Model
  • Campaign Model for famous Designers
  • Or even as a Plus Size Fit Model

Is there a chance to find something in the High Fashion Sector?

Wow! Who does not dream to work for the Big Boys in Business?

The model-elite has finally answered our prayers: Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano and more sent Plus Size Models to the Catwalks on Fashion Week! The demand increases. So: Yes, there is a chance. Work hard and consistently for it – nothing is impossible. 😉

Which agencies can I apply to?

To find the perfect agency for you, you have to do what every model is doing: Research the markets, find reputable agencies, send them your portfolio and be patient.


Tips on the perfect photographs for your application? click here



Good Luck !