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How do I become a fitness model?

How do I become a fitness model?

November 17, 2017

Becoming a fitness model is super trendy at the moment. A fit and healthy lifestyle becomes more and more popular which I think is a great thing!

So, if you want to become a fitness model, you should focus on being discovered.

  • Share your lifestyle, your nutrition and your daily routine with your followers on social media. Especially Instagram.
  • Work out hard and keep a super clean diet. Steel your body, attain to bikini competitions.
  • Become an influencer – then, introduce yourself to agencies. Look for open castings.
  • As the fitness industry is more about lifestyle than about fashion, you should not be too concerned if you are a little smaller than 1.74 m.

Being a fitness model is very challenging, though. You always need to have a “picture-ready” body. There is no such thing as binge-eating or cheat-day.

If you get requested for fitness-lifestyle magazines like sports illustrated, women’s health or Shape, your body must be tip-top. Daily workout and super healthy diet is the key to success in the fitness-model industry.

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