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4 Myths about Becoming a model

4 Myths about Becoming a model

October 29, 2017

Too many myths about becoming a model in this world. We would like to correct some of them:

1. You have to be Skinny to be a model

This couldn’t be further away from the truth. The fashion industry has responded to the society that demanded to see “real people” (especially women) in this industry. The Plus Size modeling market is one of the fastest growing and most important markets of this industry.

If you are one of the curvy or big and beautiful, who knows how to work – L’Agency would very much like to see you!

2. You have to be Young to be model

A variety of age categories has become an important part of the modeling industry and there is a real demand for models who can represent products that are important to the age demographic.

There is such a wide range of products for which mature models are needed: the travel industry, pharmaceutical, healthcare  – even high fashion.

Don’t let age hold you back!  Agencies, like L’Agency, are welcoming models of all ages (and all shapes).

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3. You have to be Tall to be a model

Yes, there are certain height requirements for catwalks and high-fashion models.

BUT: there is a tremendous amount of work available for models who are 1.74 and even under (<5’9).

Supermodel Kate Moss was one of the first to break the height barrier at 1.68 m (about 5′ 6), and there are even male models like Aaron Frew who, at just 5′ 7″, is represented by a top fashion agency in Milan.

Don’t worry if you are not tall enough for the catwalk; there is a huge commercial market that is always open to models of all heights.

4. You need Professional Photographs

When you are starting out, all you need are Snapshots, so that agents can determine if you have the potential to work either as a fashion model or as a commercial model.

Show yourself as natural as even possible. Avoid Make-Up, False Lashes, Super long Nails. Most of the agencies I worked with loved very natural models. The agents want to see how your face-structure and what they may change with make-up. Don’t worry if you have a Spot while making your Polaroids – this can happen and agents know that. But still, never forget that you want to leave an impression on someone you never met before.

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